Different Company Policies In Receiving Corporate Gifts

Gift giving is very normal in the Singapore trade industry. Stores give their customers small items, employers give their employees bonuses, and firms give their commercial partners gift packages. The act of gift giving fortifies trade relationships and hopes to gain allegiance from recipients. But not everything about it is positive. Sometimes it can also turn into a problem when others misinterpret the act or they have a hidden agenda.

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What Is SEO?

Hundreds of thousands of results will appear before the user on searching for a popular topic on any search engine. In this competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables a firm to come within the top search results for a query relating to a particular word. The reason behind the increasing popularity of SEO in last few years is that the appearance of the website in top search results aids in attracting more visitors to it, which very often translates into more business.

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