Basics On Online Disc Assessment

An online DiSC assessment refers to a DISC personality test that can be taken on the Internet. This is a behavioral assessment tool related to the DISC theory of a psychologist named William Marston. The theory of Marston involves four personality traits found in people: dominance, submission, inducement and compliance.

This theory by Marston was made into an assessment tool by Walter Vernon Clarke, an industrial psychologist. He used it to help with identification of various personality types. John Grier is known for adapting the test that is now used in this assessment. He took the original test of Marston and simplified it in order to make the results more concise and better.

The test is used for several different real-world applications. Many companies use it as a way to screen their potential employees. This is done with the belief that a certain personality type may work better or worse in certain jobs or positions.

Furthermore, the test is commonly used in the educational world, especially when it comes to putting together coursework and classes for specific students. In online versions, the results from the test may be used to aid in understanding the needs and personality of students. This is particularly helpful for online teachers because this type of learning environment does not permit as much interaction between the students and the teachers. Instructors might use test results to build more effective lesson plans.

DISC might also be employed for purposes related to leadership. A lot of styles and methods may be employed when it comes to leadership. These are often linked to the different kinds of personalities. The test can be used to help determine the actions that should be used when dealing with issues involving leadership in a team. They might also be helpful in identifying the various types of personalities present in a group, assigning tasks and solving problems.

This test is named based on a acronym for the traits in personality, which are also known as influence, steadiness, caution or conscientiousness, and drive. Dominance or drive refers to power seekers. Often times these people are extremely assertive. Those in the category of influence or inducement have to do with communication and social situations. Steadiness or submission refers to the patience, thoughtfulness and overall persistence. Compliance or conscientiousness has to do with structure and organization.

Those who score high in the drive personality are known for being active when it comes to handling problems and challenges. Individuals who score low in the category are the opposite and may require things in order to commit to a decision. People with influence scores that are high can influence individuals through their talking and activity. People with low influence levels tend to go more on the facts rather than feelings. People who are considered high in steadiness look for security. They are not in favor of sudden changes. People with low steadiness scores enjoy change and variety. Compliance personalities adhere to rules and structure. Those low in this category may seek out independence and challenge rules.

An online DiSC assessment can be taken over the Internet. This test is utilized for many purposes and its results can be applied to a lot of real-life situations. The exam is essentially an assessment of personality.

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