Becoming A Notary In Rancho Cucamonga

From time to time individuals, companies or groups may need to have certain documents verified for legal purposes. Most prefer to do this without having to pay the high price that goes along with hiring an attorney. Circumstances such as these are perfect for using a notary in Rancho Cucamonga and other cities throughout the state.

A top level state government official is the one who grants appointments to those wishing to become notaries. In California this duty falls to the Secretary of State but in others it may be the Treasurer, Lieutenant Governor or the Governor who performs this action. Applying to be a notary is voluntary but the commission does come with a lot of responsibility as well as set guidelines and laws to follow.

The responsibilities and duties of this position are not managed by any federal laws. This is strictly a matter of state and each one will set forth their own expectations, rules and guidelines for those they choose to endow with a commission. Some give their notaries the power to perform a number of legal and civil duties, while others find it necessary to grant only the basics.

When one has been commissioned, they are not confined to the county in which they were appointed and are able to travel throughout the state and perform the duties of this position, but not beyond its borders. This appointment is a granted privilege, not a right, and strict disciplinary action may be enacted upon those who are found abusing their authority. Such punishments may be presented as monetary fines, suspension or even revocation of commission.

In the state of California, there are certain criteria that one must meet before obtaining a commission in this field. They must first be at least eighteen years of age and a legal resident of this jurisdiction with no felony convictions. In addition, they must have the ability to read and write well and have a clear and concise command of the English language as they will be held accountable for the validity of the signatures they attest.

California has a government approved mandatory training session that lasts six hours which all applicants are required to take either via DVD lessons, online videos or through a live seminar. This is followed by a fifty minute test, administered by this state, featuring thirty multiple choice questions and requiring a score of 70% or more. The final qualification is to successfully pass a thoroughly complete background check.

In California, this position does not have the power to perform marriage ceremonies. They have two duties, the first being the ability to do acknowledgements, verifying the validity of signatures as they are placed upon certain papers. The second is that they can execute jurats which are oaths much like those taken in court and are just as binding.

Receiving commission as a notary in Rancho Cucamonga means first meeting all set criteria and understanding the weight of this position. The two duties of executing jurats and providing acknowledgments are given to those with this appointment. Holders are free to perform their services only within the confines of the state of California with valid certification.

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