Best gaming gadget

It’s been some time since the console has been released so you probably have some experience about the newest version. And this DSi review is not definitely new, but about Nintendo DSi XL you just wanna do review, because it’s one of the greatest gaming gadget. The size is the biggest difference over the previous DSi. The 4.2 inch screen gives the player an amazing playing experience.

Like the new size of display, the new graphics are easier on the eyes and much clearer. Wide dual screens make viewing at different angles is possible. And the new thicker stylus during game play even gives better control. One of the greatest attribute that allows you to take pictures of yourself or your friends is the dual camera. These photos even can be put in your account on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

This console giving players access to many hundreds of games because you can play all of the DSi and DS old games on this console. Also it’s provides DSiWare. And just as is done with Nintendo’s Wii console and WiiWare it’s allows players to download software(to populate your DSi XL) directly to the portable system(using Nintendo Points) also promoting fun and relevant games.To create software for Nintendo DSiWare was invited many different(small and big) developers. Starting at a range of values at 200 points Nintendo DSiWare applications and games are available now.

By adding different graphics many software(that is included) lets you improve your images and photo. One more upgrade of this gaming gadget is the sound. Larger speakers come with a bigger gaming system. Previous gaming gadget as you probably remember had a quite sound. The Nintendo’s new incredible sound of the DSi XL feature much better music and gaming experience. And even downside of new gaming gadget larger than in previous console you still can put it in most pockets. This new console is bigger, it’s crisper dual screens simply made up for its larger size. With dual cameras and an amazing new sound, this gaming system is a winner.

This console has amazing set of attributes. And it’s still one of the best hand held, dual screen console in the world. For sure it’s must have, and must have not just for kids it’s also must have for creative people who called “kids at heart”.

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