Big Brother Painting

Many of us have moments in our life when action is delivered to show someone important support along with appreciation. We all strive hard daily to boost our lives. When one of people makes an accomplishment, it is important we show support to give rise to the momentum.

How the Big Brother portrait was.

When it comes to artwork, specifically fine art, what leads to the image the most could be the emotion and energy placed to create the work.

I remember the night before my brother was leaving to start school at the University regarding Florida in Gainesville. As an enormous brother, I wanted to congratulate him or her for his achievements; he won the Gates Award, which granted him a free ride through his entire training. It was probably around midnight as i was reminded that he had been leaving tomorrow. I completely did not remember. I took out my laptop and search my Sdcard for an image suitable for a portrait. I found a candid i always took with a Canon 7D that will radiated success. I immediately took out my acrylics and went straight into the painting. It was the first portrait painting, yet my need to allowed me to go in head first.

After 6 right hours of painting, I ended that morning feeling exhausted, yet revitalized while doing so. Standing in front of everyone was a reflection of the little brother, of whom I’d the highest respect for. Regardless of being older, he is defiantly tall than me; despite being more mature, he defiantly has more significant achievements than me. Why not grant him the title


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