BIGMAX TC Series – The Growth Trends

The past ten years have witnessed the appearance and expansion of the BIGMAX TC series in all North America. It is the advanced quality and the excellent warranty which makes the success of the BIGMAX compact cranes. One more objective reason is, this type of crane market segment is becoming more mature.

Typically, when a well-conceived new machine or labor saving device is introduced into a market, sales start slowly as a few early adopters recognize it’s potential. In the meantime, most of the market continues to work with familiar equipment doing things the traditional way.

The product will only receive the needed attention after its worth is proved. If it can survive the initial introduction and receive good feedback from early users, it will then trigger a number of market forces. The increasing demand for the product leads to more product models being manufactured. At this point, people can see various product variations produced by the competitive manufacturers. Gradually, the initial product joins the mainstream and turns to a part of the way of doing things.

The small crane market was growing and expanding when BIGMAX cranes were first introduced. Started with only four models, BIGMAX crane by Technocrane now expanded up to 7 models with hydraulic extensions to 19.5 feet in stock ready to be delivered. TC 100, 130, 200, 300 are the four first BIGMAX crane models to appear in the market. After these first four models, Technocrane saw the growing demand for more crane models to fill in the gaps between the existing sizes. For this reason, three more larger BIGMAX crane models were then introduced within three years. They are the TC 160, TC260 and the TC350.4. At this period of time, no other small cranes in the market could have longer hydraulic boom than the TC 350.4.

A TC series truck crane can safely lift up to 5,300 pounds. There is a total of seven models with hydraulic extensions of up to 19.5 feet. A power take-off pump or a battery operated power pack can do the job of powering these compact cranes. BIGMAX crane models are durable and require low maintenance.

BIGMAX TC 300 and TC 350 are the two models which owned up to twelve percent of growth in sales during the last twelve months. Sales of the smaller crane models remain unchanged. The reason is, there is an increase in OEM use of the bigger models as robotic arms to which specialized attachments such as shotcreting guns and post drivers are fitted. BIGMAX cranes come with heavy duty oil bath rotation systems, making it just perfect for more serious applications of this type.

Big Max Cranes by Technocrane feature the TC Series Telescopic Crane. For more truck crane information, check out their websites.