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Mountain climbing as a sport has come of age as one of the most popular extreme sports, no wonder schools and courses teaching it are experiencing their hey day. Teaching other amateur sports too can give the same pretty much. One of the first lessons are really about becoming acquainted with climbing techniques and safety while climbing. These are both of extreme importance in this kind of sport. To do this sports activity without getting injuries and that would be able to enjoy it is what they will teach.

Generally, the climbing schools are made to teach people who never had any experience before. The basics of the sport and it’s safety can be learned through artificial climbing walls. Trips to mountains, cliffs and other places where we can climb are commonly the syllabus of the courses. Although I’m not what is known as an avid mountain climber, I do know a few tips I could share about this subject. Preparing enough water to take with me on my mountain climbing trip would be the first step I would take. There’s a chance that you will be dehydrated even in cool climate, so bring at least 2 big bottles full of water.

The other thing worth bringing is food or snacks. Climbing drains your resources. Your legs and leg muscles will be particularly hard worked. Mountain climbing does not depend on a compass. But if you lack orientation in open, natural environment, you do need to work on compass skills.

You must also be physically fit to go on the trip and must have comfortable climbing that you can wear. That is if you don’t want to feel pain all over your body when you start walking. You shouldn’t choose a place which is not yet explored if you are still a newbie. Food, water, emergency kit and companions are the things that you should have before you start doing it. Be aware that mountain climbing could be perilous, whether you do so to keep fit or to satisfy your passion.

Before embarking on such an adventure, there are numerous tips you can learn. It is very important to have water and food supplies as well as the equipment needed for protection from cold, rain or snow. Knowing the weather condition and the route would be the second important thing to do. Mountain climbing needs a combination of care, planning and courage.

If you really want to have a long weekend vacation, you can try to save money in some ways. While in routine, rather stay home for dinner than eating out. You could take rain checks for coffee times at Starbucks and weekly Friday nights out with your friends. Instead, treat yourself to a dream holiday without experiencing the economic recession.

The Author is an archeologist credited with credible and significant digs in Australia and China. He writes articles and lectures on Australian archeology and travels. This article is an excerpt from his upcoming book, Flinders Ranges Tours.