California’s Best Career Universities: California State University Monterey Bay

If you are a wave lover or simply cannot live without breathing the sea air and listening to the crashing of waves, you should definitely go to California State University in Monterey Bay. Found on the Central Coast of California, CSUMB spans across over a thousand acres of land and holds a suburban feel within campus

CSUMB is selective of their students. In fact, it is really apparent why. They implement a great academic system which is outcome based. The students there devote a year mastering a foreign language of their preference combined with familiarizing themselves with the cultural backdrop of various people of different ethnicities. Before they let you graduate, the students need to also present a capstone study project and a bunch of portfolios on the subject of their specific majors. Straight away, the university makes certain that the students who enter there are equipped and even skilled enough to manage their course load and community service excursions. As of today, they only admit somewhat less than 50% of their applicants.

Though it may appear overwhelming, I advise everyone to apply here. It’s an excellent chance for anyone to study there, just for the reason of the training that you receive imitates just what you are likely to come across after you get out of the university. Their course offerings are varied with business, computer science, liberal arts and kinesiology as just some examples. The faculty working at the university could even get you speechless when you find out about their success and esteemed titles including being a Fulbright Scholar and an American Book Award winner. They will not hand you everything with open arms. It is important to work for it! However when you accomplish it, the feeling of fulfillment is beyond describable.

Another main feature of the university is that it prides itself for its campus safety. The police are visible all throughout campus, lights are lit when it gets dark and even have emergency buttons that will alert the police like an alarm. Because if it very safe for the students there, it is very convenient to stay in campus and make use of their student facilities. They have a gym, aquatics center, a theater that plays new movies every Tuesday night, and a lot of club events hosted by the university as well as the students such as the Special Olympics and Meals on Wheels. Even though it is smaller than the normal CSU, the university provides campus transportation that is available day and night. They truly have thought it out well to make things easier for the students.

Despite all these amazing qualities that California State University – Monterey Bay has, it is very important to note that it is not an expensive school. For having a high standard in their classes as well as it amazing location, you will definitely get every penny’s worth!

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