Campus Countdown – Top Ten School Supplies For Today’s Students

Pencils. Pencils are the all-time classic, really, especially if they have a useful eraser on them. The best types of pencil students can use are pencils in which the lead can easily be refilled. No student wants his or her teacher embarrassing them in front of class for repeatedly standing up to use the pencil sharpener.

Ball point pens. Pens are also a long-time favorite when it comes to supplies you would want your children to have at school. Even though most teachers prefer that work be done in pencil, there are always plenty of uses for pens. Make it a point to buy a pen in blue and/or black ink for your children.

Set of Ruled Notebooks. It is much recommended to have one notebook per class your children have to take. This will help students to remain organized and will keep their school supplies in order.

Binder. You would know these babies when you hear ’em – they are usually used by students to hold homework assignments, assorted notes and other paperwork, and they CLICK! like so when the metal rings are snapped together. This allows the student to know that his/her papers are secure and is a must-have when it comes to school supplies.

Pocket Calendar. The reasons why today’s students need calendars is quite lengthy, but we shall get to the basics. The pocket calendar, to be honest, is the unsung hero of school supplies, the one so many educators (like this writer) recommend but so many students and parents neglect in importance, because students need it to keep track of their exams, homework assignments and such.

Cell Phone. Yes, we are expecting violent reactions upon mention of the cell phone as one of the school supplies worth having – but parents, you will realize soon enough that your kids need them, as long as they don’t text in class, or Heavens forbid, use their phones to cheat on exams. The mark of an apt pupil is that of somebody who is always prepared for unexpected events, and students will want to use their phones for good and not evil, with good means of course being constant communication with family and notification in case of emergencies.

Calculator. Do not let your children torture themselves in math class (or accounting class, if you have kids in college) because these school supplies are not present. Educators are fairly divided on the use of these school supplies, some encourage them while others totally ban their usage.

Highlighters. Students need to delineate the important passages from a teacher’s lecture, and highlighters are used to serve this purpose. Yellow is considered the classic and most commonly used color, and you can find them at your nearest retail outlet.

Folders. A folder is a terrific way to house test papers and loose homework assignments.

Permanent Marker. In this era, a student’s life is made more convenient by leaving certain items on campus or inside the classroom, such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs and text books in certain subjects. A permanent marker is popular among school supplies and is a wonderful way to make sure that a name is not removed and will help an item to be easily identified should it ever become lost or stolen.

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