Catering for Weddings

In one’s life, wedding would be an important and exciting thing.
It is very exciting to have a wedding in one’s life indeed.Accordingly, it can be one of the most expensive events a person will have to go through. Planning a wedding event certainly means everything has an associated cost with it. Catering for weddings is perhaps the most expensive part of a wedding day.

If you want to cut costs on catering for weddings, you should know yor reception buffet-style first.Generally caterers charge lower for a buffet-style catering service than a waiter style service. This is because there is lesser manpower involved and fewer staff will be paid. There will also be less work in the kitchen giving the caterers lesser time to labour on some menial stuff. All these amount to a lesser catering service bill.

Stationary appetizers could be another way to save money.Instead of having waiters serve the appetizers to the guest, strategically station appetizers to 3 or 4 different spots. This not only lowers the cost of you food bill, it also allows your guests to mingle with one another. This also allows you to avoid overcrowding the guests in one particular spot.

Bring your own alcoholic beverages.This will help you save a lot in your budget on catering for weddings. Think about it: if you include the alcoholic beverages in the catering service, they will charge extra. As most reception areas require some sort of corkage fee, the catering service will be forced to burden you with paying for that fee. Providing your own alcoholic beverages like beer and wine will cost less and will enable you to purchase them in bulk.

Cupcakes are the craze nowadays. Aside from this being cheaper than a big cake, caterers will be able to design individual cupcakes not only to make it look more attractive, but also make it tastier. Most of the time traditional wedding cakes are made or consists of fondant. It looks nice and gives the cake smoother appearance, but it tastes awful and tastes more like paste. Besides it costs more to have a wedding cake made from fondant. However cupcakes are fully edible and aside from the fact that they come in many servings, you won’t have any problems in having a lot of leftovers for your cupcakes.

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