Celebrity Childrens Book Authors Impress Parents Everywhere

Jamie Lee Curtis started her acting career screaming in horror films. This daughter of Janet Leigh, who screamed in the movie Psycho, and Tony Curtis, has written a string of delightful books for kids. A favorite is My Mommy Hung The Moon. A number of other famous actors became celebrity childrens book authors.

Julianne Moore takes a big leap out of the horror films to writing Freckleface Strawberry, which is intended to glorify freckles rather than wish you did not have them. Everyone enjoys Steve Martin off screen in Late For School. Kristi Yamaguchi wrote Dream Big, Little Pig.

Katie Couric has been reporting the news for many years. She used the names of her own two daughters as characters in a story about being competitive in a fair way. Julie Andrews also contributed. She seems an appropriate author to write The Very Fairy Princess.

There are countless Christmas books, but, how about a dynamite one for Halloween. Jerry Seinfeld writes about candy and pumpkins in the book named for that holiday, Halloween. Singers Jewel, Gloria Estefan and Sting continue the trend of celebrities as authors.

Many of these famous authors have their roots in comedy. Consider the laughs provided by Ricky Gervais and Jay Leno. Joy Behar is a stand-up comic who was host on The View. She wrote Sheetzucacapoopoo My Kind Of Dog, a real tongue twister.

There is always comedy in the perils that parents go through. The celebrities are no different. Most of them find sources of material for their best-selling books by watching and listening to their own children. Pets are another good source.

The ever-popular Dr. Seuss books lead the pack of favorites that rhyme. Following in his footsteps is Steve Martin. Little children want to hear these read over and over again.

Words are fascinating, especially when they rhyme for children. But that is not the only appealing feature in these books. Wonderful illustrations cover the pages to delight the little ones.

The kings and queens of comedy have amazing ideas to amuse children. Whoopie Goldberg, host of The View, is now a grandmother and author. Jeff Foxworthy brings his down-home humor to the little ones. We all have to wonder how they can spare the time to write.

Bill Cosby is a natural author with his doctorate in education. Amy Carter, who wrote, The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleeier, once lived in the White House when her father Jimmy Carter was President of the United States.

Also spending years making her home in the White House was Jenna Bush, daughter of then president, George W. Bush. From the United Kingdom, we have the title Tea For Ruby, a book written by the Duchess of York. Queen Latifa, royalty in the comedic world, wrote another.

There is no more auspicious writer than President Barack Obama. His book, Of Thee I Sing, features thirteen historical figures who did great things. It is dedicated to his two daughters, Maliya and Sasha, the current children who have the honor of growing up in the White House.

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