Choosing Between Fly Fishing Nets

Making sure you purchase the correct fly fishing nets can prove to be rather difficult. A simple search of these net types will result in many different types. To choose properly you will want to ensure that you understand the differences between each style.

A landing net is a common type that will be seen on any sporting site. Sizes will vary making them work with a variety of different sized fish. You will also see different materials used to make up the mesh. The mesh itself is a finer mesh which is very easy on fish after capture making it perfect for those wanting to release their catch.

Look for these types to be attached by the use of a magnet. The magnet allows you to quickly gain access to the net whenever you need it. Often you will see many fisherman carry this type of net on their backpacks or on their belts.

The boat style net is one that has a deeper net when compared to the landing style. Unfortunately for those not careful or looking to release they need to be aware about the drawback. The fish with a hook in its mouth can easily get tangled making it difficult to remove it without injury to any fish you catch.

There is also a bag style mesh primarily made form rubber. This style will not suffer from any tangling if a hook is stuck in any fish’s mouth after capture. You will generally see these larger devices use a ring attachment on the top end. This make it easy to clip on to your pants or back pack.

fly fishing nets are an essential part of making sure you get those fishes home. The general size of the net you choose to use will come down to understanding their strengths as well as the size of the fish. Simply put the bigger the game the bigger the net will have to be.

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