Classic & Vintage Auto Restorations – America’s Passion

Now that you know exactly what type of car you want have analyzed what qualities and capabilities you’re looking for, then it’s time to search for that American Dream Car.

Patience gives you success and the best one available. Make sure to look at several available vehicles before you finally decide. So do your homework and study the market to help you make that purchase. Prior to the physical inspection of the vehicle, ensure that all documents are in place. These will include the title, registration, emissions test, and any other test or documentation that the government requires. Ask about the car’s history and past condition as well.

The exterior appearance is easier to assess on a bight sunny day. It would be easier to spot ripples, if there are any. An old car that has been in existence for decades will have some type of body work done. This is not a concern, what’s important is the quality of the work done. A good example of body work should be straight and without any ripples. Check the curves for any “fatness”. This happens to bodies with poorly applied fillers. Other giveaways or unsatisfactory body work includes paint over-spray, dents or damage to the structure. Check under the hood and other parts which cannot be visible from the outside.

Some cars have automatic transmission, check this as well. Several causes are possible when a vehicle is slow to engage in the reverse gear. It may be that the filter needs replacing, more fluid might be needed, or even major work when it slips during full throttle. Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle to assess defects that might be expensive to repair. Be aware that many mechanics will give more than an expert’s opinion and might even write up additional work in the hopes that you return for the execution of the job. Avoid this by not committing to him and purchasing the car.

Now it’s time to see how well the car works. Request the owner to start the car while you observe from the outside. Focus on the tail pipe(s). Most cars should start easily and settle smoothly after. Poor battery and starter motor will make the car crank, be sure to notice those. If blue smoke comes out it means that the combustion chambers have oil in them. The cause of this is worn rings and leaky valve guides.

Prior to the 1980s, most of the plants were owned by domestic manufacturers of theBig Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) and AMC However that has dropped steadily since with auto transplants, factories established in the US by foreign-owned car companies