Co-Branded Card Programs With Youth Cards And Virtual Cards By Hallmark Prepaid.

Co-branded card programs and prepaid credit cards – usage instructions. How virtual prepaid cards can be used online.

Internet shopping is becoming more popular than ever. Be it ebay, alibaba or amazon shopping, or online purchases at virtual stores like Zara or HM – shoppers require security of their transactions. But online merchants also require safe online shopping carts and credit cards processing to keep their business rolling.

Safe online purchases with a prepaid credit card. Whether it is a modest online merchant or a big credit union – everyone makes regular global transactions. Prepaid credit cards by Hallmark make it simple and instant. Virtual prepaid cards are used for hassle-free payments and online shopping. For businesses Hallmark Prepaid customizes white-label and co-branded card programs.

Virtual cards – how to use them. Hallmark Prepaid virtual credit cards are issued with 16 digits card number, two separate pins for added security, CVV 3 digits code and expiry date. Similar to traditional credit card, all numbers are unique for each user. Anonymous prepaid virtual cards are the easiest way for internet transactions, completely fraud-free. Hallmark Prepaid provides virtual credit cards to single and corporate cardholders.

Hallmark Prepaid as a payment processing corporation, provides co-branded prepaid cards and merchant accounts integration. Numerous clients include financial institutions such as credit unions, multi-level marketing organizations, foreign exchange companies, governmental institutions.

Secure Youth Cards and how to use them. Youth prepaid cards are used by young people for their modest needs. They are normally used by people from 15 up to 29 and include various commissions and discounts on travels, shopping, online transactions etc.

Major Youth Prepaid Credit Card Benefits: – Global access – Travel miles and hotel discounts – Discounts in restaurants – Deals in shopping malls and retailers – Cinema tickets at low costs – Train, air and bus fares at special pricing.

Why should one choose prepaid cards for young people? Hallmark Prepaid earned its name developing customized co-branded credit cards for businesses. Now youth prepaid cards were recently added to cover the young people.

Youth prepaid credit cards include various good discounts in shopping malls internationally, air miles and hotel deals at most global sites.

Hallmark Prepaid provides a wide range of co-branded credit cards and processing solutions including ATM, prepaid cards powered by VISA and MasterCard to business companies, financial institutions and governmental organizations.

Hallmark Prepaid issues prepaid credit card for local and international businesses. For businesses we incorporate customized co-branded card programs.