Collection Services Using Skip Tracing Tools to Locate Patrick Bateman

There’s no question in my mind, after seeing “American Psycho,” that Patrick Bateman is a troubled person with a mindset that can snap at any moment. He’s someone who thinks nothing of using his wit and cunning to attract others before doing away with them. However, he can’t be able to get away with these crimes of his for long. If it were up to me, I would like to see collection services using skip tracing tools in order to bring this man to justice.

Bateman was very well-off due to his high-paying job, so the wealth he had amassed most certainly came into play here. He gave them money and once that was done, he knew that he had such people feasting from his palm. It wasn’t long until he had done away with them but it was conducted in such an odd way, too. Usually, he would go about speaking about music that was playing in the room before committing the crimes and saying that this is odd would be the understatement to trump them all.

Bateman soon figured out just how much of a criminal he had acted as and knew that very few alternatives could have been taken. The public seemed to take to him in a negative way, police cars and helicopters alike tasked with finding him. As much as he attempted to admit to people that he had done these terrible things, it seemed like the damage was already done. No one would believe him and considering his high reputation in the world, could one blame him?

As much as Bateman may try to shun the rest of the world at this point in his life, people are going to wonder where the missing businessman is. He’s not someone one could call a blip on the radar and strong agencies like Rapid Recovery could do well in finding where he is. This would be done with skip tracing tools, some of the many that collection services boast. Bateman cannot continue to hide from what he had done, as much as I’m sure he would like to.

I don’t think that anyone can dispute the fact that Bateman’s mind operates on a level unlike anyone else’s. He’s a murderer, to be certain, but he commits these acts in such a way that he is still able to come off as likable to others. I think it goes without saying that Bateman is a classical character study in and of himself and he stands to be looked at much deeper. However, he’s not immune to the world and eventually his crimes are going to come back to him.

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