Comparing Wild Bird Feeders For Sale

Having birds in your garden can help make you feel calm and relaxed. If you are a passionate bird spotter then the right feeder can increase the chances of attracting specific species. Therefore it is worth knowing about the different types of wild bird feeders for sale to see what will work best for you.

Generally people assume that most birds fly to warmer climates during the winter months. However this is not always the case. Some stay around and may sometimes struggle to get food from the local environment. Therefore you may wish to get a feeder installed to help them get the food they need.

The type you choose will largely depend on the type you are trying to attract. The ones you choose may be targeted towards one specific species or a large amount. This will vary depending on the type of feeder you use and the type of feed you use to attract different species.

If you have a specific smaller species that you want to attract then a tube feeder is best. With a tube it is best to use a single type of seed. This will then attract the smaller birds without them having to fight off larger or more aggressive birds in order to access the food inside the tube.

A ground feeder is another option. This is better than simply throwing seed on the ground as the wind is not going to blow it away and offers a bit more protection and shelter. This protection is also good to warn off predators. Cutting a hole can also drain water away from it. However it is advisable to spread feed on the ground in a couple of other locations as well in order to get the broadest range of species.

Some people may wonder why you would want a ground feeder as opposed to simply throwing feed on the ground. This allows additional shelter that you would not get by just putting the feed on the ground. A slight raise also prevents pests accessing the food as well so you do not attract any unwanted visitors to your garden!

There is nothing to stop you getting more than one type of feeder! If anything is ideal as you can get a broader range of species in your garden without excessive competition for the same food. If you do have more than one type remember to place them in different locations in order to reduce the risk of birds fighting for the same food.

There are various ways to purchase wild bird feeders for sale. You can purchase them from high street retailers, online stores or private sellers creating their own crafted products. Wherever you get them from you need to be sure the people you are buying them from are knowledgeable and can help you find the appropriate one for your garden and the birds you are trying to attract. Look online to find out more and to compare the different types available.

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