Considerations On Choosing Magazines For Tween Girls

Being able to read should be a right and with this, knowing what to read and what to get from it is also important. Although it matters that there should be knowledge and also entertainment, but this needs to appropriately match with the reader. Books and other sources have always been giving knowledge to people and this has branched out to different forms already with technology.

Magazines have been around since the 1600s in Germany and the first ones in America was published during the mid 1700s. But media today has been dissecting and categorizing magazines as much as possible into age groups, demographics, locality, etc. Magazines for tween girls who are around eight to fourteen years old are now being published.

The society has been very harsh to teenagers with so many pressures that they face on a daily basis. This is why looking for a good and well rounded magazine that would satisfy both values of knowledge or information and entertainment as well. This is the reason why parents need to monitor what their kids are reading.

This magazine can actually still be divided into further different categories, this provides teenagers more focused topics on what they want to read. This includes education, sports, general interests, and specific target for boys and girls. These kinds of mags can be bought anywhere in convenience stores and online for subscriptions or single purchase.

Knowing which ones to choose and subscribe would be a bit tricky, since you would need to go over each one of them. As a parent, you can either read one by one and see what is well rounded enough and can provide enough information that is suited for your kids. As a teenager, you would want stuff that would actually interest you all in one magazine.

It would be best to get recommendations from coworkers, friends, or relatives, and also read reviews, too. This gives you enough reason to decide on one. Being a parent, you need to know your issues and the issues of the kids, too, so you can have this to base your choice in picking a magazine.

So, before choosing on what mag to subscribe, test one out and see if you and your kids would like it. Get feedbacks from them. After this, you can test out more and decide on which one fits. Be aware that there are magazines that are targeted for tween girls in general but can be subcategorized further for only those fifteen and above which might not be appropriate for those fourteen and below.

There are a lot of drawbacks to magazines as opposed to technical books and other types of books. Magazines can most of the time provide perspective that can be harmful to your children in terms of body image and interpersonal relationships. So it is best to give them other reading materials that can make them well rounded and have a wider perspective of life and the world.

Overall, what everyone gets from this is all the advantages of reading, which is learning and knowledge. Although it is already mentioned that these ages have the most susceptible minds when it comes to almost everything, then they need to only be given the right kind of information on a timed manner. Their upbringing and their growth is crucial with these exposures.

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