Cool Car Tech For The Geek In All Of Us

Technology has come a long way and today’s cars are super advanced. Automotive companies have developed systems that can monitor your heart while you drive, read you your text messages and even immobilize your car if you’ve had too many drinks. Let’s take a look at some of the most coolest and groundbreaking features recently developed. Some of these features are currently available. Sam Pack Auto Dallas Ford Dealers serves the DFW area with lots of great deals on Ford cars.

Leave it to Ford again to come up with the most innovative technology. Ford has combined transportation with health care; it has developed a system that can sense drops in blood sugar in diabetic patients. The system can also monitor heart and cardiac problems. There have been cases where heart attacks resulted in car accidents and as a result this type of technology could be very beneficial.

We’ve all heard of the dangers of texting while driving. Ford cars now come with the technology that will work in tandem with the driver’s smart phone and read your text messages via the speakers. This allows the drive to keep his or her hands on the wheel. Of course it’s best to not be distracted at all while driving; a disturbing audible message still has the potential to be distracting. However, receiving a message via voice is much better than fiddling with the phone.

Worried about driving drunk? No need to worry; Nissan is developing a system that can disable a car if the driver is drunk. An alcohol sensor is built in the transmission knob and will be able to sense alcohol from the driver’s sweat and automatically prevent the car from starting.

Forest Air Conditioning technology was invented by Nissan. What it does is make the interior of the car smell like a forest; very nature oriented and relaxing smells. The advanced air conditioning system is intended to relax and soothe the driver and passengers. The system can also reduce allergen and pollen which should be a great relief to drivers suffering from allergies.

Some of us enjoy driving our cars but others may prefer to lay back and relax after a long day at the office. Self-driving cars may sound far fetched but they actually exist. Google has a fleet of self-driving Prius vehicles which utilize a radar system along with maps in order to navigate themselves across town. It’s possible that we’ll have self-driving cars on the market in a couple of decades.

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