Curing Acne: Myths vs Facts

Acne has been around for centuries and beyond. And even with the advancement in technologies, it is something that is still widely experienced by millions and millions of people across the globe. Many practices and ideas are also being believed to cause and cure acne. But many of which are based on myths and not facts.

What is a myth? According to, one definition of myth is that it is “an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution”. But since they’ve been existent for the longest time ever, many people have come to believe that it is the truth. Facts on the other hand are proven based from observable events.

Let’s start from some of the common myths associated with acne. They say that tanning actually helps clear up acne. But the truth is, it only covers the redness brought about by inflamed acne lesions and spots. What’s worse is, since it would tend to dry your skin, this can lead to your sebaceous glands to produce more oil and increase the likelihood of acne flare-ups.

They also say that if you wash your face often, this would prevent acne breakouts. Well, did you know that excessive washing and scrubbing of the face can actually cause further irritation to your skin? Plus, the fact that you are washing away the natural protective layers of your skin, and can cause dryness that could trigger again your oil glands to be hyperactive. Rigorous scrubbing causes some microscopic scratches than can be a entry point for bacteria.

Another one is that popping gets rid of pimple faster. It could be if done properly. But it is risky, simply because you are encouraging bacteria to be pushed deeper into the skin, as well as spreading them in surrounding areas. Scarring can occur or blemishes that will not go away for long periods of time due to the damage of pressure applied to the skin. You wouldn’t want to aggravate things further, right?

Separating the facts from myths is one of the basic things everyone should know when combating acne. And with the aid of the internet, information is made more accessible to the general public, so take advantage of it. You can find resources such as acne EBooks, forums, and so on that discusses about the real causes and effective ways of curing acne and put it at bay, like various acne diets and regimens.

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