Custom Design Tees & Why The Cannon Is Important

When you’re talking about the many staples of sports and live entertainment, I am sure that the shirt cannon is going to be one of the most common. After all, there’s nothing that truly gets people out of their seats more than the prospect of a free shirt that will come their way. Most of the time they may come up short but it’s not like it stops them from trying. Seeing as how I’ve become more intrigued by the idea of custom design tees, I believe that looking into this cannon’s history was appropriate.

According to the New York Times, the cannon itself has quite the history. It wasn’t made terribly long ago, though, as it was formed back in the 1990’s. Tim Derk brought his invention to life and his name should be familiar to followers of the San Antonio Spurs, since the man played the role of the Coyote mascot for the team. However, the cannon itself came about when he was in the process of making a new mascot. The original CO2 canister to an iron pipe which would have been used would go on to be the cannon.

Those in the nosebleed seats easily benefited from this device being seen in a number of games. Keep in mind that they might not have had the best seats in the house but they had the best opportunity to attain free merchandise. It is easy for anyone to utilize these items as well, especially since they don’t weigh a terrible amount. Even if they might not look awkward in theory, their lightweight nature of only a few pounds helps to make them the most ideal launchers imaginable.

It’s clear that anyone who works with custom design tees, or any related tops for that matter, will be able to tell you why these items are so important. Authorities along the lines of East End Screen Printing can make the claim that these items are mainstays in sports, which isn’t wrong at all. Not only does it work well in terms of fan interaction but it can help to spread the name of a team further. When you want a brand to stand out, going about it through this way of promotion is probably best.

I have always found these cannons to be fun devices, especially since they encourage the fans to get up and interact. To say that I knew about where they came from, though, would be nothing short of a lie. It wasn’t until I read this report that I started to uncover more details on the matter and I appreciated the items much more as a result. Now I have to wonder when the next live event is going to be in the area so I may be part of that, too.

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