Defending Oneself From Assailants Anywhere You Might Be

I started my own interior design business recently, which had constantly been my personal desire. My work needs me to go around as well as go shopping for various merchandise, based on the customer, so, really, I can be everywhere in one day.

I ended late one night. As I was walking in the direction of the vehicle, my bag was snatched away from me. I am really grateful that I wasn’t hurt however the entire incident made me worry regarding my security. To be able to keep me calm, my sister suggested that I look into stun devices for protection versus assaults.

She said that she herself carried a multi-function stun device that had saved her from an attack. This showcased 4.5 million volts, a brilliant LED flashlight, red blinking emergency lights and an alarm. Rechargeable stun devices like this provide convenience since you need not worry constantly about changing the battery.

I conducted some research and found out that a stun weapon emits an electrical shock into the body of the target via direct contact. The current is going to debilitate him for a few moments, letting you run away.

From a selection, I picked a 950,000-volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun flashlight. Disguised stun guns provide the element of surprise. This one looks similar to a lipstick so the assailant won’t ever think he is going to get stunned.

These high voltage stun weapons discharge near to a million volts or more, offering quicker defense. Even then, stun weapons are non-lethal weapons. Any kind of effects caused are merely short-term and will not create long term harm on the target.

As soon as I employed a brand new assistant, I felt that it was my duty to keep her safe. I got her a 4.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun that would be very easy to hide as well as bring around.

After what I had been through, I definitely recommend stun guns for defense. I already have a lot to think about with regards to running my business. At least, now with protection, I do not need to also fuss over personal safety.

Donnald A Meller has been training people how to use self defense products to protect themselves for many years now. There are many options, like stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He offers full help and instruction on how to use the products. Click Here