Different Company Policies In Receiving Corporate Gifts

Gift giving is very normal in the Singapore trade industry. Stores give their customers small items, employers give their employees bonuses, and firms give their commercial partners gift packages. The act of gift giving fortifies trade relationships and hopes to gain allegiance from recipients. But not everything about it is positive. Sometimes it can also turn into a problem when others misinterpret the act or they have a hidden agenda.

Businesses usually give away mass-produced corporate gift items to their employees and clients, such as ballpoint pens, refrigerator magnets, memo pads, and paperweights. And for their client partners and stockholders, they usually offer more extravagant gifts, like gift baskets, collector’s item pens, gadgets, and wine hampers.

Expensive gift giving Singapore gifts have consequences, though. They might be regarded a bribe, and thus inappropriate, especially if they are really extravagant. Even if the deed is in good faith, others might think that it is a bribe in certain situations, such as when the giver and the recipient’s respective companies are in the brink of signing a new contract jointly. They would think that the contract happened because of the gift even if it’s not.

To avoid rumour about enticement, some establishments prohibit their employees to accept any present from clients or other companies. They prohibit their staff to accept even a seemingly minor and inexpensive present, like a coffee or lunch treat, as it may still be seen as accepting a business favour, whether it is true or not.

There are also Singapore businesses that are a bit more lenient in allowing their staff to accept gifts. If the Singapore corporate gifts don’t go over a certain value, the employees can accept them. Some firms, meanwhile, allow the accepting of high-end gifts provided the staff member who has received it would put it on file.

There is nothing wrong with giving Singapore corporate gifts when it’s done in good faith. Actually, gift giving reinforces the relationship between organisations. But there are also times that it can attract negative attention. It’s best to research about the other firm’s gift accepting rules before purchasing a gift for one of their employees.

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