Different Options For Product Packaging

Just about every product must have some type of packaging, and using plastic for your packaging has many advantages. There are many types of plastic packaging and several common types of plastic used to create these packages. Read on and you will understand more about packaging and your options.

The process of thermoforming or thermoform molding, or even vacuum thermoforming is the process of creating plastic packaging. The process begins by heating plastic to a certain temperature, for ease in shaping, and these are large sheets of thin plastic that are being processed. When heated these can be shaped to whatever packaging type since these are forced into custom molds and heated. It is wise to hire a company that can produce, design, and create custom packaging according to your needs, and this might be a custom thermoforming company like Indepak.

Many different types of thermoplastic are used to make the packages. Often products are made using a plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET or PETE. Another common source of plastic for packaging is polystyrene. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is yet another type of plastic commonly used to make different types of packaging. All of these plastics are recyclable, especially PET and HDPE, which are accepted by most recycling centers throughout the United States.

All types of packaging are often produced, like the clamshell packages, the blister packs, and also the thermoform trays and these are all produced by the thermoforming company. What are common are often the clamshell types and also the blister packs. Packages for holding fruit like blueberries, strawberries or cherry tomatoes and also those packages used as food take-out containers often are the clamshell types. While produce packages are very lightweight, a thicker and heavier gauge plastic might be used to protect other products. When the edges of the clamshell are sealed, this creates a sturdy protective barrier.

Blister packages usually are a mix of plastic with a backing of cardboard or perhaps a combination of foil and plastic. Medicines often are wrapped individually using a blister pack. Other items usually have a piece of cardboard on the back and the plastic is attached on the front. This allows consumers to see the product and the plastic also is quite protective. Technically a clamshell package is a blister pack that simply folds onto itself.

Trays made out of plastic also are commonly created in thermoforming industry, and the trays used are formed to match various items for packaging. A typical example is when you open a bag of crackers or cookies, and you will see inside the cookies in trays, and this is for protection of the items inside. Doctors and all those in the medical profession often use various types of trays, and these are to hold syringes and also medicine bottles used for injection. Many other industries also need to have plastic trays created. These trays can be produced and created with many sections, and with each section created for a specific size which can fit a particular item in a secured manner. Regardless of the type of packaging you need, a thermoforming company can produce and create the specific packaging material you want.

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