Different Places You Can Go After Taking Your Wisconsin Bike Tours

One thing everybody knows about the state of Wisconsin, is the great abundance of historical places there are for families to go and make some memories that can last a life time. There is such a wide variety of places to see. There are man made wonders, natural wonders, huge cities and massive forests that seem to go on forever. Someone could spend their life time visiting different places and would still not see everything. After all your Wisconsin bike tours are finished and you need to get away, there are a few other places you could really try to spend time seeing.

There are more miles of roads in the States than any place in the whole world. It is calculated that there are roughly 2.5 million miles of them. On the California coast lies a 135 mile road called The California pacific highway #1. It runs along the coast by Monterey and San Luis Obispo. The view is not just breath taking, but are quite unforgettable.

In New Orleans there is a part of town called the French quarters. Surprisingly the locals just call it the quarters. Nowhere else will you be treated to such wonderful and inspiring architecture. From French colonial townhouses, to creole cottages that sit on raised stilts, to real old world mansions. Do not forget to try the food.

If you ever go to Washington, D. C. Try taking a trip to see the national mall. Many noteworthy items are there like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial. There are the Washington monument, Martin Luther King memorial and the Vietnam Veterans memorial. When you have finished all that, you can stop in at the Smithsonian Institute and get a good look at this country’s history.

If buffets or gambling are something you really like, the strip at Las Vegas is one place you should see. There are also nightly shows to see and very cheap hotels you can always check into. You also need to know, what occurs in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.

There are many parks in the United States, but none as majestic and awe inspiring as Yellowstone national park in Wyoming. First opened in 1872, its two million acres were America’s first national park. It is widely believed that it is nearly the same today as it was in 1872.

There is in each of us a small child full of hope and dreams wanting to get out sometime when we are not expecting it to happen. This is why no real list would be finished without adding Disney’s magic Kingdom at Florida. You can find rides and shows and lots of sugary foods to eat. More importantly are all the cartoon characters pulled our childhoods wandering the park to remind us of the importance of being a child.

Looking at all the laces you could go visit after your Wisconsin bike tours, there is a special place everybody should try visiting. Arlington Cemetery is a memorial where many bodies from different wars we have been involved with are buried. As a memorial it reminds us how great this our country is and the difficult price we pay to keep it this way.

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