Different Types Of Visas Provided By China

In order to visit the Chinese, it will be important to make sure that one applies for a visa. China offers different types of visas to those looking to visit the country based on what they intend to achieve while there. All visas can be acquired by submitting an application to the nearest Chinese consulate.

Tourism visa is provided to those looking to visit the various parks as well as enjoy the local culture. Single entry or double entry visas are the only type of visas available for this cluster. During application, you should ensure your travel itinerary is well planned as the officers in charge will want to see it.

Business and official purpose visas are also available. An individual looking to make more than one business trip should submit an application for the multiple entry visa. This particular visa requires that one has with him an official letter of invitation from any authorized department in the Chinese government.

If looking to work there, one will need to apply for an employment visa. This is ideal for scholars, teachers, managers and even foreign experts. The applicant should be in a position to supply the stamped letter of employment.

Students have their own type of visa which they need to apply for. The Chinese student visa is available for individuals looking to join the local universities and colleges. During application, documents such as the letter of acceptance from the local universities as well as a certified letter from the education ministry must be provided.

Those on transit from one country to the next will require a transit visa. Individuals and citizens from countries such as Ireland may not need the visa. They are allowed to be in the country for a period of about twenty four hours.

Professionals in the journalism field can either apply for the J1 or J2 visa. This are specifically for individuals looking to cover news or make documentaries within this country. An official invitation letter is required from the interviewee as well as a letter of application from the news agency that he is working for.

Crew members working in the transport sector need to submit applications for crew members visas. This is a visa that has been intended for those working on planes, trains and even ships. The company that has employed the crew members may need to provide its business letter so that the crew members can get their visas.

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