Discover About The Darkest Self Tanner Products For Fair Skin

Are the darkest self tanner products really what we need to help us display a good healthy looking tan? Do the many products on the market fall short of our expectations? Is that the real reason why many people still choose to ignore all the many health warnings about skin cancer and the dangers of sunbathing?

The main difficulty with self tan products is that we all have different skin tones and types. There is no guarantee that we will all follow exactly the same procedure when applying the product. Missing out or skimping on some of the process can affect the results. So looking at what we ourselves need to do when using the products can help us to achieve the desired results.

It is amazing just how many people ignore the instructions or give them a cursory glance. They do not bother to check the product ingredients to make sure there is nothing they are allergic to. Then they wonder why the results are poor, or they break out in a rash. Taking time to read the small print and making sure the product is recommended for your skin type, and coloring is essential. Usually, it is recommended that users start with a lighter product than can be gradually built up over a period of days.[I:]

Following the manufacturers recommendation to test the product first is a good idea. By allowing the product to develop over a period of several hours, the user will be able to judge the results. They will also know whether or not the product is likely to cause an allergic reaction. If there are any unwanted reactions, then it is best not to apply the product.

A test is also useful for the user to see how easy or difficult the product is to use. If they find it hard to apply smoothly and the results are streaky, they can add some body lotion to the tanning product. Body lotion always helps to dilute the color if the test patch comes out too dark.

Uneven and streaky results often occur because the tanner is not applied to dry, clean and exfoliated skin. When exfoliating, it is important to pay particular attention to joint areas and feet, to achieve a much smoother tan. Have a wedge of lemon or some cotton wool and toner to hand when applying tanning products. Dabbing areas that are streaky helps to reduce the excess colour.

Always allow sufficient time for the tan product to dry properly. Dressing too quickly can result in clothing being stained and can cause streaky patches on the tan. If the product contains a bronzer in the ingredients list, it can be rubbed off or washed off very easily. Never have a shower or bath within a few hours of applying a tanning product. Do not apply the product shortly before going to bed or bedclothes could become badly stained.

Before using any tanning products on the face, users should make sure it is meant for that purpose. Not all of these products are recommended for use on the face. Of these products should not be used near the eyes. The darkest tanning products are not recommended for using on the face.

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