Does size matter when it comes to your marketing videos?

4th Generation Communications is one of the industries leaders in Web Marketing. In a recent interview, Tim Beachum founder and CEO was asked how long should a marketing video be? His answer was revealing. He stated that the best answer he could give is, you want to get your point across as fast as possible.

We reside in the digital age and our clients are being swamped with information on a daily basis. Clients are being hit with text advertisements,, photos, banners and of course videos. The number of business owners fighting for customers attention is increasing.

As business owners/marketers it is our job to keep our customers attention as long as possible. We should create content that draws them in and keeps them.

Videos are a little trickier than other types of advertising like banners, text adverts, and images. With those forms of advertising a client is forced to see them. If your client is on Facebook they have to see your ad. They may not click on it but the name branding is there. With a video things get a little trickier. Mostly we can't force our clients to click our video to watch it, it is absolutely up to them.

2 Things That Will Get Your Prospects To Watch Your Video

There are two vital aspects that you must get right to increase the chances of customers watching your video. You must first have an attention grabbing thumbnail. The second thing is the length of your video must be interesting to them. If they glance at the time of your video and it is an hour long, they are going to keep moving.

Videos that are under one minute will get played more frequently than a video that is 2 to 3 minutes. Although three minutes might not appear like a very long time, online it is an eternity.

Video Marketing On A Budget

Many small to medium size businesses are so busy stressing about the everyday activities that they forget things such as brand naming. This is a vital side of your marketing efforts and should be taken seriously, because in the end it will skyrocket your ROI.

Use Video Presentation campaigns to build your name brand and to drive traffic to your site. Explainer videos are also another excellent way to boost your leads.