Dovo Scissors Show Great Craftsmanship

When speaking of cutting implements, there are literally thousands of available options from which to choose, though they are not alike in performance or quality. To ensure their place above their competition, some brands will take great measures. Dovo scissors are considered by many to be tops in the field and a step beyond the others.

One of the main things that makes this brand so exemplary is that the company itself will accept nothing less than the best to bear its logo. This is the oldest scissor manufacturer in Germany, operating for over 100 years, and hailing from the Solingen Valley which is world renown for their quality blades and superior steel. Their reputation is backed by rigorous standards of excellence.

Solingen has been producing superior cutting tools since the Medieval age and has earned the moniker, “City of Blades”. Items made from the steel of this region and bearing its famous mark are guaranteed to have met highly stringent requirements for materials, production and performance. In 1938 a decree was issued to legalize the standards a product must meet to post any association with the valley.

First, all of the materials used in production must have their origin in the Solingen Valley region in order for a product to bear the trademark. After, the items must meet metal hardness requirements, manufacturing and assembly standards and past the tests for craftsmanship and finishing. Only five companies in the entire world have managed to rise to these strict demands and earned the right to stamp their wares with the mark.

Since 1906, the company has produced top notch shaving products with the sharpest, most durable blades to be had. They expanded their market just before WWII by adding a line of high quality hair cutting implements to their brand. To ensure theirs were the best, developers actually took suggestions from beauticians and barbers as to what makes a good pair of shears.

From this research came a top notch line of hair cutting shears and trimmers. Each piece is made of stainless steel with a high carbon content to make the metal harder, stronger and able to hold a sharp edge longer. The company is so meticulous in their procedures and confident in their quality that every item is backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.

Providing products that exemplify grace, beauty, durability and amazing quality is something the company does with pride. Almost all models are produced for both right and left handed users to ensure all customers have a wide selection. To cover all types of tasks, the blades are made in a variety of width, length and thickness combinations while remaining easy to handle and lightweight.

Products made by this company are amazingly crafted, some with engraved or painted blades and handles, resulting in a beauty that catches the eye of many collectors. With a reputation that has lasted over a hundred years, customers can rest assured that they are purchasing items of top quality. Whether looking to add to a collection of display cutlery, or needing tools of high performance and function, this choice fits the bill.

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