Duo34Cc USB Car Charger For Your Mobile Gadgets

Looking for a dual USB car charger? Isn’t it a hassle when your mobile device such as a tablet PC or a smartphone runs out of battery power and you’re away from home?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to worry about that. There is a device that will let you recharge your mobile devices’ batteries on the go. You can get your devices up and running again even while on the road. It’s better to have your mobile devices working when you are. Car chargers will let you do just that.

When traveling to desolate places like the Australian Outback, the Sahara Desert, or even the jungles of South America, one will always risk getting lost or attacked by wild animals.

Here, you will be introduced to one of your choices. The VorityDuo34CC Dual USB Car Charger is dubbed as a fast and smart charger. It comes equipped with features that are geared towards efficient and convenient charging of mobile devices. Check it out and it might be the right car charger for you.

So both devices get the same charge power even when both are charged at the same time.

So how does a dual USB car charger save someone’s life in circumstances like these?

* It has an input voltage specified at DC 10.5V-18V. Input method is direct cigarette car lighter connection.

* The output is set as follows: Minimum at 5.0V and maximum at 5.3V; Full rated 3.4 Amp – one 2.4-Amp USB port and one 1-Amp USB Port; Quick Charging of 15.5W; Ripple and Noise maximum at 150mVp-p.

If one does not have a dual USB car charger handy, or even a simple car charger handy, then he or she will have to wait a long time until he or she finds someone and gets rescued.

* It is fitted with over current and over voltage protection capabilities. This will be explained in detail later.

It can also endure extreme weather conditions from biting cold to sweltering heat. It is also made with vibration reliable components so it does not easily slip out from the cigarette lighter plug when driving over rough roads.

So for those always travelling, it may be best for them to buy a good dual USB car charger. These are not necessarily pricey.

* LED indicator.

* Transportation shock and vibration proof passed IEC 721-3-2 2M2.

They’re fast and high-powered so users won’t have to worry about long charging time especially when it comes to devices which require higher amperage like the iPad.


For people who are always travelling or are on the go all the time, the dual USB car charger can be like a blessing.

These chargers, too, are resistant to extreme weather conditions, so users won’t have to worry about leaving it inside a hot car.

Next is the “smart” part. The ports are compatible with many variants of mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The dual USB charger keeps your devices safe]from overcharging with over current and over voltage safeguards. Your device and the charger itself do not heat up and the charger switches to minimal charging current when the battery is full. It also has an LED indicator to let you know that charging is finished.

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