Durable Laptops for Worker Productivity

As more workers go mobile, corporations that might never have considered letting employees work from home or in the field are shifting that way. If your employees are allowed to work remotely, here are some things that may help guarantee great productivity from them.

If employees take their computers from work to home, then it’s vital to confirm they do not compromise their health when working at home. Each person’s home based office may not be set up the same as their work office, and that suggests the chair won’t be excellent for their backs, or the desk set-up may be a long way from good for their wrists, posture or vision. Confirm staff understand the principles of good ergonomics to keep them from getting tired when working away from the office.

Another safety issue could be using a durable laptop in a vehicle, for those in the field. Stress the dangers of responding to IMs or e-mails while driving. It sounds so perilous that it’s not difficult to think no one would do it, but the deaths accredited to texting in cars annually proves that wrong.

Cafes and communal areas should be deterred whenever it’s possible for working simply because they’re public. It’s not only a distraction, but it may be a security risk for the company, in the final analysis. While some may need to find a Wi-Fi connection if they don’t have broadband, using that sort of connection extensively could be a bad idea if somebody with hacking abilities is after company info.

Another great way to ensure productiveness for your mobile workforce is to be certain they have durable portables that will stand up to field work. A high-quality rugged system with things like mobile broadband to keep them connected and any other technology they’d need will make sure they can get what they want it, when they need it, without having to look for Wi-Fi in the field.

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