Egypt Game Enables Our Flight of Fancy

Our most fantastic desires for adventure are drawn and sated as we play this Egypt game, The Mummy. As a Raider you will use your acuity and physical prowess; as a Cultist, you will cast your most depraved spell all to the same end of dominating your environment.

You will feel as though you have gone back in time as you revisit the Egypt of the ’30s and make your way to the sacred burial grounds in Amarna. A primordial priestess of a dangerous cult lies entombed. Morgan believes her remains can help his deathly ill wife once he locates the Stone of Rancor. But after he unwittingly release the spirit of the priestess, unimaginable evil awaits.

Now it’s your turn to help Morgan find his way through the booby-trapped web within the tomb. Inconceivable riches await you once you have aided Morgan to defeat the minions and restore his wife. You can wield guns, knives or knowledge as a Raider, as a Gunslinger, a Brawler, or a Scholar. If you want to be a Cultist, you can equip an Assassin, an Enforcer or a Priest. The Assassin’s forte is close fighting. To avoid defeat, have an Enforcer behind you, cutting a wide swathe with cover fire and dealing death to your opponents from afar. Capable of disabling your opponent by Pestilence, the Priest seems to always capture the scene quickly.

As far as your worthy but evil opponents are concerned, if mummies who have disavowed any loyalties and cruel, sword-wielding pygmies aren’t enough, hordes of lethal scarabs and giant scorpions (having morphed so they can lob poison bombs at you) will gladly oblige your thirst for danger. The Anubis Warriors are back in this Egypt game, awakened from the sands by the essence of Masika, and they are insane!

Make your way to the ultimate battle with Imhotep in his very own lair. This guy just never gives up. You can feel assured you’ve defeated him time and time again, but his magic just keeps bringing him back. How will you defeat this evil monster – what can you do to get beyond this hindrance to restore Morgan’s wife? Yes, this Egypt game of The Mummy will provoke your lust for adventure which will never be fulfilled until Imhotep is sent back into the desert sands for all of eternity!

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