Enhancing Your Business Basically By Growing Prospect Connections

Imagine having a proven system of efficiently and effectively capturing client information. In today’s dog eat dog environment Financial Advisers must be excellent stewards of an endless stream of client data. What happens with that information? How is it captured and processed?

Are you aware that the number one reason clients’ switch Financial Advisors is due to a detachment in their relationship with their Advisor, as established by a Research Study by Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel.

Making yourself a “trusted Advisor” is an essential key in building lifelong relationships. The most successful advisors have one thing in common; they understand what’s important to their clients -their values,goals and life long family planning. This is critical because getting to know your clients and their families creates a deeper appreciation and sense of trust toward you. Trust makes you valuable to the client, and as a result they are likely to refer more clients.

results in a deeper appreciation and feeling of trust in you. Faith makes you essential to the client, the result is they are likely to refer people they know to you.

How do you do more, accomplish more, follow up more and prospect new clients more quicker? And do it well?

Now, when you meet with your client again, your notes are more detailed and you’re in a much better position to remember what you discussed previously and what their concerns and goals are. Your clients will now feel

Now, In the future when you meet with your prospect again, your records will be more thorough and you’re in a far better position to recall exactly what you discussed previously and what their needs and ambitions are. Your clients would now feel more connected and valued by you, their trusted consultant.

Copytalk, the leading mobile business transcription service used by tens of thousands of financial advisors, will make documenting client notes of meetings clear-cut. Just call the service using any phone and dictate client meeting notes as well as,, letters, drafts of emails, and to-do-lists. In few hours a live transcriber will process your recorded message, type and send them back via e-mail. The handling of this data happens seamlessly and securely with the highest standards of security & confidentially.

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