Enrich Your Hunting Trip by Using the Four Rules of Gun Safety

Hunting is a household tradition that can be an incredible team building experience. Every single hunting enthusiast should fully grasp the four rules of firearm safety.

The basic rule of gun safety is to handle all guns as if they are actually loaded. Guns that we believe are not loaded actually produce the most accidents. A prudent gun owner knows to permanently treat all guns as if they are loaded. You should quadruple verify that your firearm is unloaded, then after you are convinced that it is not loaded, continue to treat it as if it is.

The 2nd rule of firearm safety is that you must in no way let the barrel of a gun point at anything that you do not desire to destroy. This means that you should be mindful of your environment. Careless firearm owners lose track of what their firearm is pointing at.

The third rule of firearm safety is to keep your finger off of the trigger until you are positively prepared to fire. Whenever we are suddenly surprised, we have a natural predisposition to tense up and pull our hands into a fist. This can cause you to accidentally pull the trigger. Consequently, we should never wander around with our finger resting on the trigger.

The 4th rule of gun safety is to always be aware of what is in front of your intended target and what is behind your target area. You need to understand that you are accountable for every bullet that leaves your firearm. Bullets tend to miss the intended target or go completely through the target and continue traveling. The universe is full of things that you do not desire to shoot and you can never call that bullet back after it is shot. Absolutely nothing will destroy your hunting trip faster than an unintentional firing of your weapon.

Tons of families are enriched by a strong history of hunting together. That being said, it is also extremely important to teach each and every member of your family the proper gun safety rules.

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