Epic Online Games Will Keep You Under Their Spell

When one plays epic online games, some of the favorite characters and abilities are the ones full of magic, relics and potions. Why wield a gun or knife when you can decimate your enemies with a flick of your wrist? Magic is at the forefront of this epic online game. Only the most demonic mind can comprehend the weapons that the scholars and priests conceive to do their dirty work.

Both Scholars and Priests can unleash the Mummy’s Curse which calls forth a powerful mummy to do violence to your enemies. Accursed primeval plagues and poisons are in the melee arsenal of the Priests and Scholars. I like reducing my opponents’ capabilities by unleashing the Pestilence swarm. There’s not much opportunity for recrimination once the Pestilence has been unleashed.

BigPoint, the game’s developer, has pulled out all the stops as far as the magic in The Mummy game is concerned. The Cultists, whose sole objective is to restore Masika to her power, will stop at nothing to regain their lost powers and cursed allies, even if it means offering their own souls and maybe even yours! With the releasing of Masika’s essence comes the sought after power and knowledge, but at what price? Freeing the terrifying power of Masika requires fierce guardians that no one can control.

The Raiders, undauntable filcher and pilferers that they are in the name of protecting antiquities, have Scholars with them. Intimidating spells wielded by the Scholars offer a measure of cover that the close combat and assassination techniques of the rest of the Raiders can’t equal. But the Cultists don’t rely solely on their sorceries. They recognize the value of Assassins and Enforcers in giving them an occasional advantage in a tense situation. Many times when a battle is going on and on or taking too great a toll on the troops a Scholar or Priest will appear to dominate the environment with their far-reaching spells and sorceries.

Epic online games like The Mummy please both gamers and movie fans as well. From exciting characters and ambitious enemies to authentic design sets, this game has something for everyone. Whether you’re one to play only PvE or you love the thrill of devastating a real opponent, The Mummy’s huge environments provide something for everyone. Hundreds of characters, hordes of enemies, rich environments and broad gameplay typify The Mummy role-playing-game.

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