Everything About Outdoor Water Fountains

Possibly the greatest advantage of using outdoor water fountains is the sight it offers. Simply gazing at a waterfall going about its business of transporting gallons of water from a higher surface to the low grounds has something mesmerizing about it. This is what visitors to your house shall find if they are greeted by a man made waterfall. When they see this on the porch they shall get stuck remembering the feeling of watching the splashing against hard rocks and large boulders, fall hundreds of feet into nothingness, they will once again remember nature.

Moisture is one other benefit of a fountain. These manmade marvels mimic the effect of falls in adding moisture to the air. This makes air more breathable and livable in. Moreover, moisture reduces stress and tension in a person. Another marvelous feature of waterfalls is the noise it creates. This is very soothing to hear.

A fountain requires lot of care especially if it is left out in the open. This exposes it to Mother Nature that can cause regular wear and tear. Moreover, the water shall require replacement and in order to keep it operational, one has to constantly check for blockage or precipitate formation.

The porch fountain pump will always be an integral part of keeping the waterfall going. This is one thing that requires mandatory maintenance at least once every month. Things to watch out for are obstructions, blockage and damage to piping.

The surface of the fountain shall tend to accumulate variety of things. Animal waste, mineral deposit through precipitation and algae bloom are just a few of the things to regularly clean.

Summer months are the best time for algal blooms. During summers, bright sunlight and the moisture of the fountain promotes algae growth that deposits as a green soot on the surface. A simple mixture of low concentration bleaching powder should handle this well. Then again, if one does not want algal bloom at all, then they can add in mixtures naturally known to prohibit their growth into the water. A word of advice, this can become life threatening to animals and birds who drink out of the fountain. Hence, it is something that must be done knowing full well what the consequences might be.

Bird droppings shall be a frequent issue with a porch or open fountain. This is because birds are naturally attracted to lakes and ponds hence they find a fountain an excellent resting place. All it takes to remove their droppings is a wet sponge and soap solution. Replacing the contaminated water may become necessary in case a bird dies inside it.

A recurring issue with outdoor water fountains is mineral deposit. Minerals naturally occurring in the water flowing through the fountainhead tend to clamp together and bind with the stone or marble surface reducing its shine or allure. One way to get rid of this is to scrub affected surface with a mild soap and white vinegar solution. Another cure is to put additives into the supply of the fountain so as to stop forming these deposits. However, the best practice is prevention which is possible by simply changing the water in the fountain on a weekly or bimonthly basis.

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