Exactly What To Seek In A Dual USB Car Charger

For those who love to travel a lot, a good dual USB car charger is not only a nice thing to have, but a need. It not only saves him or her time in charging mobile devices at home. It could save his or her life as well.

If you\’re about to go on a trip by car, the following accessories will certainly come in handy.

1) Dual USB Car Charger

When looking for a good dual USB car charger, there are a few things one needs to think about.

Aren\’t all gadget accessories supposed to be gadget-friendly without you even checking? The answer to the previous question is not always a yes.

A dual USB charger is greatly recommended for smartphone and tablet owners. High quality dual cell phone car chargers protect mobile devices from overheating.

The second thing one needs to think about when buying a USB charger with dual charging capability is compatibility.

Whether you\’re driving inside a tunnel or heading towards a barren road, it\’s necessary to have a strong cell phone signal. A magnetic amplified antenna can help improve weak signals wherever you travel. It has a magnetic mount that\’s great to use in a car, at home or even in the office.

The installation procedure is also easy. This is a must-have accessory for professionals planning a business trip or just about anyone who dislikes bad signal and dropped calls.

One of the best brands in the market which is compatible with not only iOS and Android devices but also other mobile devices is the Vority Duo 34CC. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, Music players, and video cameras among others.

Compatibility with all the gadgets you use (iPad, iPod, android tablets, cell phones, etc.) is not the only criterion for being gadget-friendly. It is also important that the dual USB car charger you choose does not interrupt with the radio, WiFi or Bluetooth signals.

4) Hands-Free Kit

Fourth, buyers also need to consider how sturdy it is. Most users would opt to leave the charger in the glove compartment so there\’s always the possibility that it could be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

5) Genuine Leather Case

A durable leather case can safeguard your phone from scratches and dents. Typically, leather cases have a built-in belt clip, carrying strap and plastic cover for protecting keypads. With its thick interior and elastic sides, your cell phone can be protected from damages.

One such dual USB car charger is the Vority Duo34CC. This device has an auto-shutoff feature which protects devices from damage or overheating. Once the batteries are full, the charger\’s LED will turn off, indicating that the charger has stopped charging.

Most importantly, your dual USB car charger must be reliable and efficient. It must meet your basic mobile charging needs and must give you worth every penny you spent.

Johnyx Jacson is an expert of car charger. To find out everything about dual car USB charger, visit his website at Vority USB Dual Car Charger.