Farmers Produce Stand: What One Is And How To Set One Up

Have you ever been driving somewhere and noticed a little stand on the side of the road? Often times, you see vegetables being sold in this stand.

Those little farmer stands are very important in some communities especially rural ones. Produce must be picked while it is almost right. You then must sell it or give it away because it doesn’t last much longer after that. For that reason, farmers often put up these little stands so they can sell their excess produce to customers who happen to come along. The fruits or vegetables always taste much better here. Produce sold from these farmer stands are known to be chemical-free.

If you happen to live in a small community and you grow your own crops, how do you start your own farmers stand?

Among those that you want to consider first is the location. Do you want to have your stand set up beside other competition? If so you may have to pay a price to set it up there. In addition you will be in competition with a large group of other farmers probably selling the same items that you are. Setting your stand at the end of the driveway is also a good idea. In this position, people traveling will be able to take notice of your stand. As long as you got plenty of parking space, they’ll stop and check out what you’ve got to sell.

What is the ideal produce to sell? What do most people buy? A popular choice among travelers are tomatoes, melons, cantaloupe, oranges, apples and corn. You will be looking at a good opportunity to profit if you decide this selection.

When would you like your farm stand to be established? What day in the week or what week in the month would be the ideal time to establish a farm stand? Should you set it up in the evening? You’ll probably want to do some testing here. Ask other farm stand owners about the important things that you need to know with regard to that business. You can also opt to look for relevant information on the internet. Farm stands are located all over the world and there are actually lots of people who can share info about it.

What would be the price for your goods? It is always important to keep your produce goods at an affordable price. For example you can sell a fruit for $0.5 or a “buy one take one” for $1. You can also opt for per box, can or carton depending solely on which fruit or vegetable you want to sell.

You can start off with a little amount of produce goods to sell and monitor how it will be selling. You will then be able to come up with a suitable list of fruits and vegetables that people would love to buy. By doing this process you are able to provide the customers needs accordingly and you are able to run your business smoothly without having to spend much.

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