Features Of The Vority Dual USB Wall Charger

Vority is a provider of high quality mobile accessories.

It’s a fact that most people nowadays own more than one electronic gadget, may it be a smartphone, a tablet, a camera, an mp3 player, and who knows how long this list can go on?

Portability, charging speed, compatibility with device ” these are some of the basic qualities of a charger that people long for. Yes, people like things that are portable may it be a pool, a table, a vacuum cleaner, a bed, a computer, etc. With very busy lives, people simply prefer it if they could bring essential things with them wherever they go. But how many chargers have you encountered that actually meet these criteria? Sure, chargers aren’t that big and they are mostly portable, but then again it can be a bother to bring along several chargers with you all the time.

With every purchase you also start creating your own little snakepit of cords and adaptors and every time that you need to find a certain charger it just gets harder and harder and eventually impossible to find!

Appearance. The DUO34AC dual usb wall charger is compact in size and is relatively light. It comes in the colors black and white which makes it look classy. It weighs about 3.2 ounce. Its dimensions are 2.68 inches, 1.14 inches, 2.17 inches, Length, width and height respectively. And it has a 90 foldable prong.

Vority provides high quality mobile accessories. One of their outstanding products is DUO34AC dual usb wall charger which comes in the colors black and white. Its AC Input is 100V ” 240V. It has 50/60Hz 350mA MAX. And its DC outputs are 5V/2400mA and 5V/1000mA.


If you are always on the go and you hate being caught off guard then keep reading. Vority’s DUO34AC Fast and Smart dual usb wall charger is the perfect charger for you!

b.Output: USB2.0/USB3.0

In deciding about the appearance of your charger, ask yourself the following: How big and heavy must my charger be?” and Is it portable enough for me to bring wherever I go?”

d.Port 1, labeled as 2.4A Tablet: up to 2.4Amps

Samsung S (4, 3 & 2)

Other Features.

It has a classy and compact design which goes along with its features that are strongly dedicated to meeting the high demands of technology and the specific needs of customers.

b. Made with fireproof materials.

With Vority’s DUO34AC Fast and Smart dual usb wall charger, you’ll only need one adaptor for almost all of your devices.

d. Over-voltage, current and circuit protection (meaning it will automatically stop once the battery is full).

Why bring two or three bulky chargers in your bag when you can just grab one of Vority’s DUO34AC dual usb wall charger to be your gizmo’s buddy?

Admit it or not, our generation is dependent on technology. Accidentally forget your phone at home for one day and it would seem like you and your phone were a part for a whole year! Sad but true, people today can hardly make it through one day without using a single gizmo.

Get your life back and start filling your bag with actual necessities and not a bunch of chargers.

Come to think of it, Vority’s DUO34AC Fast and Smart dual usb wall charger is actually heaven-sent. Being compact, versatile and having practical features it can truly save you from a lot of possible charging mishaps.

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