Find Out How To Repair Rot And Decay On Wooden Windows Today

Timber is one of the major components of almost any house. However, its quality can fast deteriorate, if not maintained properly. Dampness poses the major threat to this material and makes it susceptible to rot and decay. This results costly damages to structures such as wooden windows. Some damages are severe while others can be simply repaired. Therefore, it is important to learn how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows.

It is good to have some idea about the problem before proceeding with anything. This condition is caused when saprophytic fungus starts to grow on the wood. This moisture creates conducive environment for the fungus to grow. As it grows, it damages the timber by consuming it.

Before getting to the actual repair, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the damaged structure in order to identity all areas that were affected. Joints, lower rails, and upright pieces especially require attention. Also pay special care to areas which are in close to damp walls. Glazing beads tend to also be affected, especially if the external putty failed, or if the beads are fixed without it in the first place.

You should be aware of ways that you can find out if an area is affected. If the timber is affected, it will be soft. Majority of this signs will start to show after the dampness is over and after some time the wood will start to shrink and collapse. You can confirm this by using a screwdriver to prod the affected area. You will notice that the timber will slip in easily. However, this problem can easily be handled if the situation is not severe.

All you need to treat the area is a liquid wood hardener and some good quality putty. You must first drill holes in the whole damaged area in a honeycomb pattern before filling the hardener. This will make sure that the liquid reaches the entire affected part. After filling the holes, adequate time must be allowed for the liquid to completely harden.

After complete dry of the hardener, cover the holes or cracks with high quality putty. In order to maintain smoothness, the putty needs sanding down later on. This completes the work and checks that the entire surface will look uniform.

By now you must know how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows and therefore you can deal with minor problems. However, you must still ensure proper maintenance of the timber. This will eliminate expensive replacements.

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