Find The Best Antique Stores

If you’re looking for shops that sell antiques, retro, vintage, and used furniture, this article is for you! We are a one-stop online directory for all things Antiques. We cover all the towns around Charleston also, like West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, James Island, Awendaw, North Charleston, and Summerville. English antiques, French antiques, vintage collectibles, or an old lamp, if it’s out there, we have directions to it. Every antiques store is unique and has its own stories that are told by the precious items it carries.

By definition antique stores sell objects of value made before 1830. Now, it is loosely called an antique if it is over 100 years old. The antique stores listed on our website cover a range of antiques, including furniture, fine art and decorative items. Whether you are searching for a 19th Century Windsor chair, or a 20th Century Painting, you will be directed to the right place by reading about each store, captured in one website. Our premier stores that are listed at the top of each page will also be “highlighting” specials and new arrivals.

Vintage items are usually Fifty to Seventy-Five years old and include decor, furniture, jewelry, and clothes. many of these items are from the Art Deco period. The sores that we help you find will carry many styles, including antiques, vintage, and mid century. Do you have a “wish list”? The store owners included in our website will be happy to find out what’s on it and help you find what you need. A hot topic right now is “Mid Century” which includes many different items from the 1950’s and many of our shops carry these items.

If it’s from the 1960’s or the 1970’s and it falls into the category of fashion or design, it may be considered “retro”. The term retro-fit is sometimes applied to designs that imitate older styles. Owl memorabilia, bar items, old metal fans, ash trays, radios, and flashlights , are all collectibles that can be considered retro. A few of the colors that are associated with the term retro, especially in the 1950’s and 1960’s are orange, gold, and avocado green.

Are you ready to go hunting for Summerville antique stores, vintage, art deco, mid century, and retro goodies? Our job at Charleston Antique Stores is to help you find them. There are over 50 stores in the greater Charleston area that fit this description and we have the scoop on them all. In addition to keeping you up to date on what they are carrying, we can connect you to the owners via email and when you are ready, we will give you directions so you can visit them yourself. All of us are out here digging and looking for that one special “authentic” piece that will have a spot in our home or shop. When you are ready to find that piece. visit our website and we’ll help you. See you soon.

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