Finding A San Diego Mobile Notary

Notaries are people who are authorized by the government or a professional organization to witness signatures on important documents. A mobile notary San Diego visits different locations to witness signatures on particular legal documents. You may need the services of these professionals for various types of business transactions.

Notaries can witness various kinds of documents, for example, for a mortgage or other type of loan. If you are finalizing a loan or mortgage closing, make sure to ask whether they have experience with escrow or mortgage loan documents.

An embossed seal is typically applied to a document after it has been notarized. This seal is proof that the person has confirmed the true identity of the individual that has signed the legal documents in his or her presence. A properly notarized document is very important when closing a mortgage, so it is important to check that each document has the correct seal and signatures affixed to it.

Once they confirm that each signature on the document is the actual signature, he or she will usually need an imprint of the thumb of each person. This allows the bank or whomever is receiving the legal documents to be certain that the documents are valid.

The person who is notarizing the documents may refuse to do so if they suspect any fraud or that the document is being signed against the testator’s will. They can also refuse if the proper identification is not supplied. A passport or license will normally be sufficient.

Make sure that the professional you choose is properly certified and experienced. Many states have their own certification process, such as passing specific exams. Others will ask for certain references before licensing the individual. Check with the National Notary Association to learn about specific requirements for your area. There are also many websites that can put you in touch with a professional wherever you are located.

The fees for a mobile notary San Diego can vary from state to state. For convenience, they can arrange to meet you at your home or office, however, the fees are usually higher than using an escrow or settlement office which has its own professionals available. Search around and compare fees to see who has the best rates and the most flexible schedule to meet your needs.

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