Fire Fighter Training And Its Importance

Combustion is a process that produces both heat and light. This process has its advantages and disadvantages. If not controlled, it can cause a lot of damages. A huge combustion has flames. These flames can be put out using different process. However, it requires skills and expertise to carry out the work. There are people who are specialized in this work. When incidents of inferno are reported, they are called to rescue the situation. This team of people has to pass through some programs that will equip them with the right skills. At the end of the Fire fighter training, they are issued with a certificate to show that they are fully qualified.

There are various centers that have been set up to give proper education to these people. The process of educating them involves both theory and practical work. No one is allowed to graduate from these centers without the adequate knowledge required. The knowledge offered in these colleges helps individuals to carry out the work successfully. Some of the lessons that are taught in the centers include how to note the different types of flames.

The first thing they should learn in the centers is how to classify different types of flames. There are five classes. Class A is all blazes caused by papers and other combustible materials that leave ash behind. Special extinguishers are used for this type of fire. Class B is from flammable liquids like petrol. Extinguishing materials for this type of blaze are different from all other classes.

Class C is composed of electrical fires. Class D involves materials such as magnesium. Class K involves combustion of cooking oils. All the types of fires are different in their own way. Therefore, they are extinguished through specific methods. Therefore, before starting the put off process, it is important to ensure that one knows the best possible method to use.

Accessing the situation is very important. There are different ways of accessing a situation which all depend on the number of people in the situation and also direction of the wind. Knowing the right way to access the scene of accidents helps in ensuring the area is secured within less time.

The right clothing is also another thing that the trainees are taught. There is the specific type of attire or uniform they are supposed to wear in their work. These clothes protect them from intense heat and also help them form exhaling toxic fumes. Trainees are also required to wear special helmets to protect their heads from fire. All their clothes are designed specifically for the work.

In these areas, there are high probabilities to have more than one casualty. The experts have to know how to handle the casualties and save their live where possible. The trainees are therefore taught different first aid techniques. They are taught how to handle casualties with burns and bruises and also how to handle those who have inhaled smoke.

People affected by these tragedies are usually traumatized by the situation. Some of them loose their precious possessions while others even lose their loved ones. There are lessons where these experts of putting out infernos are taught how to deals with these victims. Trainees are shown how to talk to them to make them feel better and relieve them stress. One cannot become an expert without passing through these programs.

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