Fish Creek Park : Calgary’s Lovely Park

It’s one of the biggest urban parks in North America and even over 3 times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. It’s the home of the preferred attraction in Calgary, the Bow Valley Ranch. Fish Creek Park is one of the greatest Calgary Parks you should not miss.

Located in the southern part of Calgary, Fish Creek Park is a provincial park that is stretching 19 km (12 mi) from east to west. It’s 12.48 sq km (5.20 sq mi) even beating the Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Two bodies of water pass through the park, the Bow River and the Fish Creek, which used to span the width of the city but because of inevitable expansion the city has surpassed the sides of the park. Following the Bow River in both north and south directions, Fish Creek Park offers a great bike trail winding along the river and across the park.

The park is great for bird watching, wildlife, and fly fishing opportunities! If you’re a bird watcher, you can excitingly spend several hours in the park. You’ll surely enjoy chickadees taking sunflower seeds from your hand. Woodpeckers, Great Horned Owls and even Wild Turkey can regularly be seen in the park too.

Fish Creek is boasting with 80 kilometers (50 mi) of trails, of which 30 kilometers (19 mi) are paved. These trails are well-connected to the city’s in depth trail system that allows visitors to access on-site day-camping facilities, stables and even a swimmable man-made lake. The park is the home of a many wildlife animals, including deer, coyotes, owls and beavers.

Whether you need to go here for a picnic or simply do forest watching, or perhaps enjoy the beach at Sikome Lake or do food-tripping at Bow Valley Ranch, you will certainly find lots of unique methods to enjoy and be astounded in the natural sweetness of Fish Creek Lake. It's something that Calgarians must really love and be pleased with.

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