Florida Public Arrest Records Available Online

Florida arrests records are important documents that may contain information about the number of arrests of a specific person. Criminal history information is readily available upon request however some information are kept confidential (sealed information) that can only be given to authorized agencies.

The department that handles the records and requests is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). They also give out other records such as the expunged criminal history and records of juvenile delinquents or the juvenile criminal history. Expunged criminal history is only given to authorized agencies or individuals. For juvenile criminal records they can only be released if the offense can be considered as a felony if the juvenile was of age instead.

The arrest records have a variety of uses. It’s a personal reference or document for some people. For some, they use their record as an additional document for job applications. You can obtain your record even if you haven’t been arrested and use it with your job application to boost trust. Getting licenses may also require your record. Usually you need it for license to own a gun or drive. Important documents like passport and visa will always require your record to be filed with your application. A company may also do a background check of their employees at any given time. They usually do this to screen new applicants or during incident investigations. There are two types of background checks. The first one or level 1 refers to name and employment history check. Level 2 is more extensive. The records are only available for the same type of institution. If the records were used to obtain gun licenses, then it can only be used for said purpose and not for other purposes like job application.

Not everyone can obtain the records. There is still a level of privacy for everyone. Usually your personal records are easier to obtain if you bring personal identification at the nearest Florida department of law enforcement. For background checks, getting the records depend on the level. Level 1 background checks will only need the name of the individual and employment history. For level 2, fingerprints may be required.

Obtaining the records may cost you depending on what you need. A standard check of arrest records will cost a total of $24.50. Obtaining records for licenses like a gun license will cost $31.50. For other purposes that require high security checks may cost about $40.50 dollars. Rechecking or renewing the record will incur the same fees.

Unfortunately, arrests happen every hour so obtaining your record may become useless if the FDLE logged new arrests. To prevent that from happening, you can find online search websites to assist you. You will be given real time access to specific records and pay a corresponding fee when you’re about to get a hard copy of your police arrest records.

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