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Trust is the very first value emblazoned within a human being. For instance, prior to entrusting a position towards a job applicant, volunteer child welfare worker, candidate for public office or issuing a license to a newly-registered professional, an employer must first scrutinize the prospect\’s background history. This procedure ensures optimal risk mitigation, thereby preserving an organization\’s integrity and reputation. This measure can be efficiently fulfilled by asking for a copy of a person\’s criminal or arrest record.

What makes arrest records a potent tool in performing the task mentioned is that these documents are a collection of a person\’s past law-breaking actions, from simple violations to complicated and horrible criminal acts. Other notable uses for these registers include professional license allotment, and background checking of candidates for public office.

The task of maintaining, updating, distributing and protecting records of arrest has been appointed to various entities all around the country. In the State of Arizona, the Department of Public Safety assumes this responsibility. This is according to the Revised Arizona Statute 41-1750. Every individual arrested in the state is allowed to obtain a copy of their own arrest records for free. Only sanctioned individuals and companies, the Federal Government, and any concerned Law Enforcement entity are given access to these documents.

Requesting a copy of your arrest record in the State of Arizona begins with the acquisition of a record review packet from the Criminal History Records section of the Department of Public Safety. This bundle includes specific instructions, a fingerprint card, a contact information sheet, and a pre-addressed return envelope. Complete the required fields in the contact information sheet, like your full name, contact and mailing specifics, and your Social Security Number. To further confirm identity, you have to obtain a full set of fingerprints either from a nearby law-implementing office, or through a private company that offers fingerprinting services. Lastly, send the accomplished packet using the address imprinted in the provided return envelope. After receiving the complete packet, the Criminal History Records section will send your arrest record within 15 business days. In observance of State Laws, arrestees in the state can obtain their own arrest records for free.

A Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Record Information form is provided together with the copy of your arrest record. This form is to be used in the event that incorrect entries have been encoded in the record. If such happenstances did occur, you are advised to send this form, specifically pointing out the mistakenly entered information, and your reasons for challenging the record within 35 days to the Department of Public Safety. A statement will be issued by the said department within 15 days.

For the reasons described above, arrest records are documents that are highly sought-after, especially in places with marginally high crime incidences. The faster it is obtained, the better. In this contemporary world, such needs can be adequately fulfilled, thanks to technology. Arrest and other vital records can now be accessed and obtained online using various retrieval service providers. The advantage of such modern alternatives includes access to the records that you are seeking within minutes. The atmosphere of convenience provided by such methods is excellent for any urgent matters.

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