From Art To Karate: After School Fun In Carlsbad

While we don’t want to over-schedule our children’s lives, it is definitely fun to try some cool after-school classes or activities. Not only does this provide opportunities for enrichment, they meet new friends, learn new skills and gain confidence. If you live in or near Carlsbad, here are just a few interesting afternoon options you might want to consider.

Not every child loves being on a sports team, such as baseball or basketball, but kids do need exercise, so one option that will be good for their body and their minds is taking martial arts classes. You could opt for taekwondo classes, jiu jitsu classes or perhaps karate classes. Karate not only provides exercise, it also builds stamina and improves balance and coordination. Through Carlsbad karate training you will also see improvements in your child’s level of self-control, concentration and self-discipline, and learning self-defense skills is always a good idea for any child, teen or adult.

For those seeking karate in Carlsbad, karate in San Marcos or martial arts in Encinitas, consider signing up for classes at Team Mai. This karate school offers classes for children, teens and adults at all levels. They also host fun night events and summer camps for children, and the instructors host after-school programs at eight Carlsbad elementary schools, one San Marcos elementary and at Carlsbad Country Day Preschool. Team Mai even offers a free two-week trial for prospective students.

Most cities have a recreation department that offers a good selection of affordable classes and Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Marcos are no exception. Carlsbad, for example, hosts art classes that focus on painting, drawing or perhaps ceramics. They also offer dance classes and training for a variety of sports. There are plenty of options, so whether your child loves acting, crafts or science, there is something for everyone.

If your child is an aspiring actor or dancer, the North County School of the Arts offers theater classes, singing lessons and many different types of dance classes. Kids Act is another company that provides classes and camps for children interesting in the arts. They offer workshops, camps and classes with subjects including improvisation, playwriting and musical theater. Prodigy is another group that offers voice classes, musical theater classes and acting classes in North San Diego County.

If your child loves to build, explore and experiment, you might consider an after school experience that caters to these interests. For instance, Mad Science of San Diego offers classes at many local elementary schools in Carlsbad and Encinitas, as well as one school in San Marcos. Lego classes are another interesting option to think about, and there are several groups and companies offering after-school Lego classes and summer camp experiences.

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