Fulcrum Racing Wheels Have Made Winter Cycling Alot Better

When the clocks go back and we can all start to fell the colder weather can be found in, in doesn’t just affect us – it impacts out bikes! Riding in the winter is undoubtedly produced less complicated for us all using the developments in clothes technology and things this kind of as lights and turbo trainers. 1 factor we can certainly enable with is searching right after you wheels. We now have a a single off offer you from Fulcrum on a wonderful bundle deal, prepared for winter.

With the winter months fast approaching, road gritters loaded up, hopefully, with tonnes and tonnes of corrosive salt, the last thing anybody wants is to go out with their best fulcrum wheelson. You wouldn’t wear your suit to the pub on a Sunday would you? This Fulcrum winter wheel package could be the answer to your worries.

The deal includes a brand new set of Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels, a budget wheel set that won’t break the bank but will provide a solid, smooth, reliable wheel set with a 2 year warranty that won’t let you down, in any shape or form. Available with either a Campagnolo free hub option or a Shimano/Sram version, meaning everybody out there can get involved. Compatible with 8,9 and 10 speed. Not only that, but this one off offer also included is a pair of Continental inner tubes and a pair of Continental Ultra Sport folding tyres so you literally slap them straight on.

Get a cheap teaching cassette and you could possess a brilliant, full set of wheels to change straight in and out of your bike. Not simply that, but the ease of a straight wheel change for beneath 200 will conserve many years and income in your ”best” wheels with minimal effort and money outlay!

This really is a great investment and will make a worthy purchase. This Fulcrum wheel offer is even going cheap to make it an even better deal for anybody out there looking at winter wheel sets.

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