G20 Kick Can Of Chaos Down The Road

In Moscow last week, the latest G20 meeting of monetary leaders and central bankers of the globe’s industrialized countries kicked the can of mayhem simply a bit farther down the road into the future, choosing to focus on fairly small concerns such as tax obligation evasion by multinational firms like Amazon– rather than tackling the real issue of the pending world financial collapse that is going to wreck havoc.

Sure, at the end of the meeting– a prelude to a gathering in September that will unite Head of state Obama, Russia’s totalitarian, Vladimir Putin, and other presidents– the G20 did give out a communique about how they have recognized the gravity of our current global economic crisis.

But the G20 leaders were only choosing to try to boost their own popularity instead of grappling gallantly with the unpleasant realities of the global economy. Where could any sort of “growth before austerity” come from when, as in the United States, most western nations are essentially bankrupt, their businesses small and large so highly taxed that there is no incentive for them to attempt to grow?

As we have pointed out in our articles, in the Bible, specifically in Matthew 24, deception will certainly be the most pronounced quality of the last days. The G20 leaders have no clue how to deal with the the world economic crisis, so they just try not to scare everyone by saying too much about it.

Yet everybody had better be scared. There is an antichrist and his system waiting to spring, and the worldwide financial failure will usher them in.

We must see the handwriting on the wall from all of this: The U.S. dollar will be replaced soon by a new world currency. The Fed is only going to prop up financial markets for so long with its continual “quantitative easing.”

How long before America’s massive debt obligations, which now all told come to more than $200 trillion, will simply crush our economy – and our will? Only the people controlling the purse strings know for sure.

In the midst of all this, it’s essential that the American church become relevant again. People are leaving churches in droves since they see the world around them as it is and they see how the churches are neglecting the truth. Many individuals see the globe in chaos around them while their religion neglects truth.

Only recently one megachurch sponsored a speech by a monetary advisor that promoted paper investments– going so far as to tell individuals to sell their gold and turn it into paper assets. An absurd idea considering that the dollar is only worth the paper it’s published on. Do not sell your gold because it could possibly escalate to a rate of $12,000 an ounce.

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