Getting A Grasp On What Are Tier 1 Extension Visas And The Like

Understanding British nationality, citizenships, visas and all of that legal stuff can be perplexing, especially when you have no background on these concepts and procedures by any means.

Generally, you’ll be able to do your personal analysis to ensure that you will be able to have an idea of what visas and other elements regarding a person’s nationality or status in visa are exactly about. In this particular post we are going to talk about Tier 1 extension and Tier 2 visa.

A Tier 1 visa extension practically lets qualified applicants to apply for a period of leave to remain inside the United Kingdom. Whenever granted, an individual having a three year initial Tier 1 visa will likely be permitted to remain for an longer period of up to a couple of years. If a person has a two-year initial visa, he (or she) will likely be granted a further 3 years.

This Tier 1 visa that we’re discussing was set up as a replacement for the HSMP or the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which was removed midyear of 2008.

As a way for an individual in becoming qualified, points are granted that are based on the applicant’s age, earnings/study experience inside the United Kingdom, educational credentials, professional accreditations, and the demonstration of sufficient funds to become used to support himself (or herself) while in the country.

An applicant’s English speaking capacity is also taken into account. Applicants must be able to speak and understand the English language properly.

Those people who’ve continued to stay within the UK for five years making use of his (or her) Tier 1 visa can apply for an ILR or an Indefinite Leave to Stay. This is generally known as permanent residency.

Tier 2 visa is comparable to Tier 1 but the primary difference is the fact that in order for a person to apply for the previous, one should have a job offer. The employer needs to be also able to supply sponsorship. Or else then your application may not push through.

Professionals working inside the field of engineering, education, and healthcare are in luck simply because the application process has been shortened. This is because of high demands in skilled workers.

Points are awarded to people with the following qualifications: sponsorship by the employer, English speaking and writing skills, future expected income, and also the accessible maintenance funds that the individual has.

To learn more about Tier 1 extension visas and other important visas granted to applicants, continue reading more articles concerning it. You will be able to also pay a visit to the web site of the UK Border Agency to know about your options when it comes to getting a work visa.