Getting A Security Guard Certification

Before a person can become employed as a security officer, they must get their security guard certification in their state. Anyone who will be working in this field must get licensed before they set foot on post. Private protection companies, as well as companies who will be hiring in-house guards will always verify that the person that they are hiring is certified.

There are some things that a person must note before they go get their security guard certification. There is a 18 year minimum age requirement to apply for a license. Anyone who is under that age cannot work as an officer.

A person will not receive their licensed card if they have any felony convictions. A thorough background check is conducted by the Department of Justice and FBI on every person who applies for their security license certification. When applying for employment with a company they will most probably let a person know this fact so that neither parties time is wasted.

All states have different requirements and rules for getting a guard card. In California a person must complete 40 hours of training within six months. 8 hours of training is mandatory before a person can be assigned to a post. This required training was set up to make sure that those entering this type of work are well trained for the responsibilities they will have. Again, all states have different requirements and a person should check what their state laws are.

The first step to get a certification is to contact a local licensing company. Most of these companies can give applicants the written test and set them up with everything they need to do. They can probably even do the finger printing that is required, if not they can direct you to where you will need to go. There is a fee to receive a guard card and every state will have a different fee amount.

A hard copy of the license will then be received in the mail. Times vary but it will usually take a couple of weeks to several weeks to receive the guard card. A good thing to note is that all employed in this field must make sure that they always carry their license with them while on duty.

A job in this field is a very exciting career. Guards can work at hospitals, warehouses, parking lot, airports, commercial buildings, schools, churches, special events and many other types of post. These jobs will not be available to a person though unless they get their security guard certification.

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